Import Services


Import Services

We provide complete import services and solutions; all you need to do is just decide the products you want to import and leave the rest to us.

The import services we provide:

The import services we provide:

-Sourcing:Just decide the products you need, and we will find the supplier for you, anywhere around the world.

-Negotiations: Once we find the suitable supplier for your needs, we will make sure to negotiate and get you the best price and service available.

-Money Transfer: We will handle your funds in the most efficient way and take care of the transfers.

-Freight: We will handle your shipment all the way from its origin to the destination, either its land, ocean or air freight we will take care of your shipment until it reaches the destination port.

-Customs Clearance:With our team of professional customs clearance agents, we will clear your shipment smoothly at any port in Egypt.

-Storage: If you need to store your products until you are ready to receive them, you can depend on us, we have the warehouses to store your shipments.

- Documentation: We will handle all the official documents & authorizations needed to complete your import process.

We promise to give you the best service in every step of the way, and you will always be up to date!.


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